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1955 Ford F100 For Sale

Started by grafting 76’ Corvette front and rear independent clips to the boxed frame, lowering the truck eight inches in the process and moving the front suspension nine inches forward to allow the “Chris Martin” built 67 Lincoln 462V8 and B&M kitted C6 automatic to be mounted low and set back 5 inches. The cab was chopped four and a half inches. Then a four-inch section was removed off the bottom of each door, to form innovative rocker panels.

The reversed opening of the reversed louvered hood is controlled by a 1964 T.Bird Decklid setup. The grill opening was sectioned four inches, and compensated for by trimming two inches off the bottom edge of the fenders and raising the wheel openings two inches. To compensate for the nine-inch wheelbase forward extension, the front wheel openings were shifted forward by seven inches and their length was reduced by two inches. The three-inch wider rear fenders were trimmed to line up to the rocker panels. The pickup box was raised up to the cab belt line to harmonize the profile.


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